Anticipation. 2.

2 more days until we leave for California...these are the two things that I am not looking forward to doing to get ready for the trip on Friday....

1. I really dont want to take the Satellite Radio out of Eric's car and put it into my car. I am the one who originally set the thing up, so I guess I am the only one who knows how to make it work. Anyways, I really dont want to do it, but if it keeps my husband happy on the drive so that he can listen to the Reds baseball game, then I will happily do it.

2. Loading the Car...Our Pontiac does not have a very big trunk, so I am trying to figure out things that I can leave behind so that we can fit everything...I guess if I imagine it as a puzzle, then maybe it will be a lot more fun considering I love puzzles.

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