Anticipation. 4.

Okay, today I was thinking about the Four things that I am going to have to keep Emma out of while staying at my dad's house....here we go.....

1. The most important thing....THE POND. (It scares me every time that we go to Grandpa Tim's house and after Devin's terrible accident a couple of weeks ago...my dad saw me freaking out, so he got a cover for his pond so that nothing could happen. Thanks DAD!)

2. Tashly's makeup. I know that many of you who know me are like..."Tamber has a sister that likes makeup?!?!",...and yes, neither of my sisters are like me...I will go days without putting a thing on my face, and Tashly is the complete opposite. One time in Junior high, she tried to see how far into the year she could go wearing a skirt everyday....lets say that she made it like 115 days more than I could have made it....that explains her girlieness doesnt it?

3. My dad's famous cookies. Everytime that we go to my dads house, he makes his famous cookies and if I dont keep Emma out of them, then there wont be enough for ME!!

4. The Cat statue and all of MISTY'S nice things. The reason I say Misty's is because my dad knew better than to own anything fragile with the children that he has. If Misty had known that a year or two before she moved in Tawni threw a golf ball at Trace and missed hitting the VERY large window on the backside of the home I think that she would have seriously reconsidered bringing all of her nice furniture and accesories into my Dad's house.

Besides keeping Emma out of everyones things, I know that we will have a blast and I just keep getting more and more excited. I told Eric that I was going to have to be packed on Thursday afternoon....he was like....we dont leave until Friday afternoon and my response to that is "I dont want anything to go wrong so that we have to leave any later than we are suppose to"....Love you Honey!

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