Anticipation. 5. (sorry its late)

For yesterday's countdown I will list 5 things I will do to keep Emma happy on the car ride to California (10 hours). Here we go...
1. Sing primary songs (she loves to sing, and she especially loves primary songs)
2. Teach her important things about herself....
How to Spell her name
What her birthdate is
What her telephone number is
AND Her address (I know that these are all pretty aggressive goals, but atleast we will
have a start)
3. Get her out at the rest stops and run her around so that she gets really tired and goes to sleep.
4. Let her play with all of her toys, including her new laces bear (you know those toys that you had when you were little that you weaved the laces in and out of...she has a bear that you can weave clothes onto it...it is so cute)
5. And last of all when nothing else works...I will surley pull out the DVD player

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