25 things you didnt know about me

25 things you didn't know about me

I don't know if I'll be able to think of 25 but I'll give it a try.

1. When I was a little kid I loved collecting things. I use to collect stickers (I had a 300 page album), Pins (swimming pins, olympic pins and pins from places I would visit), Pez Dispensers, dolls, swim caps, and who knows what else.

2. When I was eleven years old I went bungee jumping. My parents payed for the hour and I went 10 times in a row in that one hour. I loved it.

3. When I went to college, that was the first time in my life that I ever slept with all lights out. All through high school and before that I use to leave the hall light on and crack the door. I was SO afraid of the dark.

4. I had never tried caffeine before I met Eric.

5. I have recently discovered that I love weddings. I didnt even plan an elaborate wedding for myself, if you could even call it planning. It was more like making assignments for family members. I love helping tawni plan her wedding. Hopefully she doesnt mind.

6. When I was in college I use to align all of my clothes by color and type (long sleeve, short sleeve, pants, skirts, etc) and then I had to make sure that each hanger was one finger width apart. I couldn't go to sleep at night until it was done. I am better at it now that I have kids.

7. I have memories of when I was 2 years old yet I have the hardest time remembering anything these days.

8. I do have a photographic memory when it comes to directions. I always know where I am, and if I ever do get lost, I am dumbfounded. The swim team uses me as their map most of the time.

9. I hate taking medicine. I dont take it unless I really feel like my body could be hurt if I dont.

10. In high school I use to put up posters of surfing, and I didn't even learn how to surf until I graduated high school. I was such a faker.

11. I cry at commercials all the time.

12. When I was pregnant with Emma I craved dirt....yup, like the stuff you walk on.

13. When I was in high school I use to tell all my friends that I had kissed certain boys, but the truth was that I didnt actually have my first kiss until I graduated high school. I was so embaressed that I actually lied about it....sorry high school friends!

14. I love cookbooks.

15. In high school my friends and I use to have tea parties on Sundays. We would make cream puffs and herbal teas and sit around the table in our Sunday clothes and talk and laugh until we would cry.

16. My friends and I in High School would get together almost every friday night and watch Run Away Bride and swim on the carpet....dont ask me how we did that.

17. All through high school I got up at 3:45 am to go to swim practice and didnt get home at night until 8:00 pm (after swim practice). Dont ask me how I survived.

18. I have been to Ammon, Jordan (yeah, that is a country).

19. I am my husbands first kiss....how romantic.

20. I have an older sister. She is only 11 months older than me, but everyone thinks that I am the older sister. (that might be because I have been married 5 years and she is getting married in April)

21. I secretly love to watch Dateline, 20/20, and all those other investigative shows. I dont even know if my husband knows that. I only watch them when he isnt home on a friday night.

22. When I was 5 years old my mom was a swim coach and I use to go to work with her and just play in the pool. I was climbing up the diving board ladder one day and I slipped at the very top and slid my way all the way down the ladder hitting my chin on every single step. OUCH.

23. I use to have seizures when I was a kid, I grew out of them I guess.

24. I am the breakfast Queen. I am famous in my entire extended family for making our family recipe for crepes. As a kid I loved breakfast, and no one would make it for me, so I would get up early and make breakfast for the entire family. Even to this day when I got to visit family in California, I am expected to make them their favorite breakfast.

25. I get really grumpy at night after about 10 o clock. I am very much a morning person.

I challenge you to think of 25 things that I dont know about you.

Love, Tamber

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Meredith said...

haha, i remember #6. i remember when i came over to your apartment to do laundry... you had to fold your shirts exactly perfect!