Busy Week

So this week has been very busy. Here is a review of week:

Wednesday: Eric's dad came down and took Eric and I to dinner for Eric's Birthday, and also helped us go pick up our new couch and take the old one to DI.

Thursday: The swim team had some recruits, so I got to go to dinner to Outback with the Recruits, swim team and other coaches. Yum Yum.

Friday: I had to run up to the airport and pick up a recruit. Hurry to provo, meet the other recruits for lunch, run home, tell Eric Happy Birthday, let him blow his candles out on his cake, then I had to run back to BYU for a team meeting before the swim meet against air force, help warm the swimmers up, coach swim meet where both the men and women's teams win, clean up after swim meet, meet the team at dinner at Jason's Deli, talk with coaches and then I went home to apologize to Eric for what a crapy birthday he had watching the kids all day. I was in bed about a half an hour after I got home since I had to wake up and do more swimming stuff and I was already so worn out.

Saturday: Wake up, get ready for the day, feed the kids, get them dressed, clean up their mess from the day before, rush out the door to make 9 am practice . At 10 am, rush home hang out with family let Eric take a nap, clean some more, catch up with the kids. At 11:00 leave with Emma to swim meetings before the meet, have swim meet (which took forever), clean up after meet and then head home at about 4 pm to hang out with family. Eric really wanted to go to the basketball game, but I was so beat I didnt want to do anything, I stayed home with the kids and went to bed at 8:45.

Let's just say that I am ready for a more relaxing week this week.

Love, Tamber

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