Marcus' love for balls

Marcus is growing up fast, and the more he grow up, the more he wants to play with his dad. The other day Eric was taking a nap and when Eric woke up, Marcus was standing in the hallway when he walked out of our bedroom. Immediately Marcus ran into the bedroom grabed the football and ran as fast as he could back to Eric where he spiked the ball at his feet while yelling 'ball'.

That describes just a small portion of what marcus has been like lately. He LOVES play ball. He LOVES being rough. And most of all he LOVES playing with his dad. Here is some video of him playing with the basketball. This has become his new past time since we found a way for him to reach the basket by himself.

Love, Tamber

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Cort and Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that unless Will is faster than Marcus, Marcus will school Will in hoops. He's got unstoppable power forward written all over him.