I say Adou

Our family turned over a new leaf in McAllister History on Wednesday evening. We finally said Farewell to the historic McAllister Family Couch. Eric's Parents bought the couch before Eric was born (over 28 years ago). It has been moved many times. There was a great sentimental value to the couch not only to Eric but every one of Eric's friends and family members. It took me 5 years to convince Eric that we needed a new one.

Eric took a picture of the old couch as they were wheeling into the DI, and texted it out to all of his friends. Throughout the night he recieved a furry of text messages and memories of the old couch. So, at last we say, Goodbye old friend, we will miss you.

Here is the replacement couch. I love it! It is very comfy, microfiber, and best of all we got a hot deal at Costco which makes the whole experience even better.


fagergrenfam said...

I think this couch deserves a eulogy. I had that same style of couch when I was a kid, as you know, and that couch does hold a lot of memories. But alas the time has come, it was a good couch.


The couch was born approximately 1980. It had seen many a butt through a good game. Lived through several Dr. spills, and was always kind to a friend who was to tired to go home. It was survived by Lynn, Cortney, Eric and their families. All the Stratford East neighborhood boys and their families, You will be missed.

lapierrefamily said...

I love your new couch looks like the one we wanted from Ikea...email me if you can about how much it was, we are looking at getting a new one.

Austin and Jennifer Duke said...

Wow! That is a nice lookin' couch! You've told me before of your feelings for the old couch so I'm glad that you've finally got a couch you like! :)

Cort and Amy said...

I can't imagine how hard that must have been for Ike. That couch is pretty much the only physical reminder of the normal part of our childhood. It was more than a couch, it was a good friend. If couches could be TV shows, that one would have been Cheers.