Hannah Montana wanna be


I think you all know by now that Emma is a HUGE fan of Hannah Montana (actually when you ask her, she likes Miley Cyrus more). On our DVR, we have a recorded 'Best of Both Worlds' Concert by Hannah Montana. Emma Loves it. She watches it all the time. Lately, she loves to pretend that she is Miley at the concert, and this is how we do it....

Emma Turns off the lights and Eric and I hold flashlights that we move all around the room. Eric says ' ARE YOU READY FOR HANNAH MONTANA?' Then Emma walks out (in a very sassy way) of the hallway into the living room while singing either best of both worlds, nobody's perfect or see you again. Those are her favorite. She even has some of the dance moves down, it is hilarious. And then to top it all off, she will run and give you a high five like you are the fans at the concert screaming to touch the 16 year old phenom. She repeats that about 10 times each song. It is so funny. Eric and I just play into her little pretend world and have a blast doing it. I will have to try and get some video of her doing that routine. In the meantime, this is her and her friends dancing to the Concert.


fagergrenfam said...

"ARE YOU READY FOR EMMA JANE FAME?!!!!? Can't wait until I see the video. How's the Knitting? I have got about 12 inches, but I am so not coordinated. I still have 12 fingers instead of 10. I have managed to keep 11 stitches though so that's a bonus. I am so glad that you came up wed. It's so fun when you come. It was good for Brad to watch the kids. He needs a little dose of reality every now and again. I heard Marcus had a tough time when he finally realized you were gone. :( Karol Jean wants to know if you are going to buy your needles or if she should? Let me know. Love ya Ellen

Cort and Amy said...

Oh man, that is so awesome. I wish I could be there to see it! Will is starting to recognize and showing his first daance moves, but they are nothing compared to Emma's butt shake from back in the day.