I think it is interesting how much communication has evolved since I was in high school. As most of you know a couple of months ago Marcus threw my phone in the toilet. Being the strapped college students that we are, I didn't have the money to go buy a new phone, and I didn't want to renew my contract since I want to switch companies in 5 months when my contract is up. So, needless to say, I have gone without a phone since mid December. I really was going crazy. We dont have a home phone, so if I wanted to use the phone I would have to wait until Eric got home late at night to use the phone, and by that time a lot of the phone calls I had to make couldnt be made, so I had to start using my email more, and go to peoples houses to talk to them.

So, the day has finally arrived where I have a cell phone again. And even though at times I did love not having to answer to my phone at certain times, the convinience of having a phone cannot be beat. So I welcome your calls again, and if you could all text me and send your numbers that would be great, cause then I can put them back into my phone. (my number is the same as before).

Love, Tamber

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Meredith said...

I would've never survived!! I'm the person who would walk home from campus in between classes just so I could get my phone if I had left it that morning. I felt so lost without it. Sad thing is, I would never even get any calls.