Superbowl Cake

Today I finished a cake for an ex-swimmer of mine. She wanted to surprise her husband since he is a Cardinals fan. She wanted to do something fun for him. I think the cake turned out pretty good. I continue to get better and better the more cakes I do.

This is a reminder, that if you want a cake for a birthday, anniversary, valentines day, etc let me know....I would love to do it for you. I am trying to start this business, and the only way I can get it going is to book my schedule and make more cakes. I am doing my first wedding cake on the 13th of Feb. Hopefully that goes well. Wish me luck!

Love, Tamber


Cort and Amy said...

That cake looks good! Super Sunday is one day when we get especially homesick. Nobody does Super Bowls like Buck.

Amber said...

Hey this is amber! Great cake! I wish you would have made one for our party! Hey will you email me you address...mannber at hotmail dot com


napnotes said...

That cake is amazing! I'm not kidding when I say you could go into business with skills like that. You know, in all your free time. LOL :)