Balboa Beach

Emma was so excited when we went to the Beach on New Year's Day. She had been to the Ocean a couple of times before, but I dont think she really remembers it. It was a cold day there. We had to go buy Emma a heavy sweatshirt because we didnt even bring her jacket. It was 75 deg inland, but freezing on the coast. Eric's big joke this trip was that Emma is afraid of her own shadow. I kept saying, no she isnt, but then when we went to the beach he proved me wrong when she wouldnt even pick up a shell because she was afraid they would bite her. She is hilarious.
Love, Tamber

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Tash said...

The beach looked like so much fun! That's funny that Emma was afraid of her own shadow. Abby just realized what a shadow is a couple of weeks ago, and wasn't quite sure of it. I love watching little kids discover and learn.