Hotel California

Here are some random pictures from our trip to California. All of these were taken in our hotel room while we were eating. Everyone laughs when we tell them that we put Marcus' porta crib in the bathroom. He only sleeps well when he can't see anyone else, so that was our only choice. The only thing that was not fun was having to go to the bathroom in the dark so that you didnt wake him up.
We just got back Sunday. It hasnt been very long, and we already miss the Warm weather. Fair the well Warm weather.
Love, Tamber


Becky said...

I think you should just move back to California! See problem solved.

napnotes said...

Yipee. You all are home. We'll have to get together again before too long. We have clothes to return to you.

fagergrenfam said...

if it makes you feel any less odd, we had to put the portacrib around a corner or 2 or in the bathroom for Vic as well. I started out with blanket on the side of the crib, that worked once until he figured out that he could stand up or pull the blanket down. sneaky little dude