Merry Christmas!!!

In order to try and save some time, money and paper, this year I am doing an electronic copy of our Christmas Cards. Hope you all don't mind. The card that I loved the most was the one above, mainly because of the picture of the kids. Happy Holiday's!!

The McAllister Family
Eclectic Reader
Christmas 2008

See the busy McAllister family run.
Run family, run!

See Eric go to work.
Work Eric, work.

Eric worked at NuSkin. Busy, Busy, Busy.
See Eric go to school.
Study Eric, Study.
Eric goes to Utah Valley University. Busy, Busy, Busy.
See Eric quit work to complete school faster.

Ya hoo, Eric!
Now see Eric take 23 credits. Busy, Busy, Busy.
See Eric go home.
Work Eric, work.
Eric loves watching the kids. Work, work, work.
He watches them every day while mommy goes to work.
Eric can work hard. Work, work, work.

See Eric have fun.
Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z ...

See Tamber go to work at the BYU pool.
Work Tamber, work.
She can do mom stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff.
She can do Church things. Things, things, things.
She can clean the house. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
See Tamber stay at home with Emma and Marcus. Fun, fun, fun.

See the McAllister’s go on a fun vacation this year.
See the other travelers say "Are they on THIS flight?!"
See the kids amaze the other passengers.

Quiet, Quiet, Quiet!

See the family finally make it to Puerto Rico with the BYU Swim Team.

The family went to the Ocean and had so much fun playing in the sand and waves.

Play family, play!

See Marcus sleep in his crib.
Sleep Marcus, sleep!
Marcus is 14 months old.
Marcus has slept through the night since the beginning of this year.
Go Marcus, go!
Marcus can melt a heart with his smile.

Smile, smile, smile.

Marcus has learned to walk and talk this year.

Walk Marcus, Walk. Talk Marcus, Talk.

See Emma and Marcus welcome their first cousin, Will.

Yah, cousins!

Cousin Will was born on April 23rd.

See Emma and Marcus love playing with cousin Will when he visits Utah.

Play, play, play.

See Emma start preschool.

See Emma make lots of new friends.

See Emma come home with lots of new questions.
Emma is so smart. Smart, smart, smart.
She likes to paint and color.
Emma can write her own name.
Write Emma, write!
Emma is learning so well. Learn, learn, learn.

See the McAllister children go.
Go children, go!
Marcus loves going to the park. Go, go, go!
Emma loves going to preschool. Go, go, go!.
See Emma and Marcus playing together.
See Marcus destroy anything in a minute.

See family go on another trip to California.
Sun, Sun, Sun.
The family stays in San Francisco. Fun, Fun, Fun.
While there, the family went to two baseball games. Fun, Fun, Fun!
Eric needs to go back to Utah for school.

See Tamber stay to spend more time with her family.

See the Emma and Marcus love going to the Jelly Belly Factory with Grandma Terre.

See Tamber drive 12 hours back to Utah with two children.

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

See Emma and Tamber go on another trip to Lake Powell for the weekend.

See Emma fall asleep in the boat.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Emma loves spending time with her uncle Tevin, aunt Tashly, aunt Tawni, grandpa Tim and grandma Misty.

She Tamber jump off of a 30 foot cliff.

Fall, fall, fall.

See the McAllister’s love watching moments in history that happened this year with the Olympics and our Presidential election.

See the McAllister family have a fun and eventful year.

Fun, fun, fun.

See the McAllister family continue to grow and love each other more each year.

Love, love, love.

See the McAllister family have a Merry Christmas.
They can wish their friends and family a Merry Christmas too.

And they do!

Eric, Tamber, Emma and Marcus McAllister


AMY said...

Wow! I haven't checked your blog in awhile, I guess! Lots to catch up on! I love the card selection and your Dr. Seuss synopsis of the year. Too cute! I don't think I'll send out cards this year, either. Same story. And I'm very impressed with you in the weight room. I'd never even come close to that! Fun!

Nicole Pimm said...

I am impressed! Cute card, Good choice! I hope we can all get together sometime while Cort and Amy are here.