Merry Christmas!!!

Santa had a great time at our house last night. We are very lucky. He spent 3 hours putting Emma's kitchen together. He was quite mad that the elves didn't pre-assemble it. He was there until 3 AM! Crazy I know. Here are some pictures of the kids opening the presents. I was really suprised with Marcus. At this age, Emma couldn't and wansn't interested in opening the presents. Marcus was totally into it. He had to take every scrap of wrapping paper off of everyone's presents. He loves his little people toys from Santa and Grandma Terre.

I wanted to also with my family, eric's family and all of our friends wherever you might be on this Christmas a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love Christmas because that means that we get to spend so much time with our family. We hope that you all enjoy your time with loved ones as well.

Love, Tamber


Nicole Pimm said...

I was so good to see you guys today. Emma and Marcus are sooo cute. We need to visit more!

fagergrenfam said...

Looks like the kids had fun!! Alice saw Emma's Kitchen and cried. I tried to explain that she already had a kitchen, and she said "I want Emma's kitchen, its pink" in tears. As a side note, that is all she asked santa for is a pink kitchen and she didn't get it. So sad to be three and not get the only thing you asked Santa for. How does Emma like her computer? I'll bet she has played with it non stop. You forgot all those little people at my house. I was so hoping to get rid of them all. Call me.