Congratulations Tawni!

Dan proposed to my big sis Tawni last night. I don't really know much else yet, but I am really excited for her. She text me at 12:30 last night to let me know. I think they are planning on getting married sometime in April. I cant wait. Dan is an amazing person and perfect for my sister. He is also very calm and can put up with our family. Emma cant wait to have Dan as her Uncle. haha....Emma gave him a picture of herself a while back so that he could carry it around in his wallet...kinda funny. But part that cracks me up is that when Dan got his school pictures back this year (he is a teacher), he cut one out for Emma to carry around. I thought that was hilarious. Congrats Tawni and Dan!

Love, Tamber

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Becky said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is such exciting news. Are they getting married in Sacramento?