Eric's Schooling

Well, this is the final week of school this semster which means that I will see Eric very little, but the good new is that Eric has applied for graduation and only has next semester left.

I just wanted to let my husband know how much I love him and how much I appreciate everything that he does. He has been in school since he and I met. I know that he is looking forward to being done with school. He has at times worked full time and taken 18 credits simultaneously, Not many people can do that and still get above a 3.5 GPA that semester.

This semester he is taking 23 credits, and he said that he estimates that he will get a 3.8 this semester. I love all the hard work that he puts in for his family. He is one of the hardest workers that I know, especially when he puts his mind and heart into it.

I love you, Eric!

Love, Tamber

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