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Tip Junkie asked an important question that I believe is needs to be considered at this time of year..... How do you keep the Christ in Christmas?

So, I would like to share one thing that I do in my family. Each year, usually at a family home evening a couple weeks ahead of Christmas, we sit down and talk about the Christmas story, then we remind our children and ourselves that all the hoop-la around Christmas time is to celebrate Christ's birth. And what do we do for him? Good question! I know that I love getting presents on my birthday, so why can't we give Christ a present for Christmas?

We all write down something that we want to do for Christ for his birthday. It is usually an action, whether it be serving someone else, or doing something that we know Christ would want us to be doing for ourselves. Once we have all written something or multiple things down, we put it in a small box and wrap the box. We keep the box somewhere in the home that we can continually be reminded of it during the holiday season.

In my years of experiencing this tradition, I have found that I am more inclined to think about what I promised Christ that I would do for him over the holiday season (and throughout the whole year).

And, One other tradition, that I need to get together... My mom use to have a binder and for each day of December leading up to Christmas, there was a short story that was associated with a Christmas full of Service and Christ. We would read one story every evening, but somewhere along the way it was lost, and my mom doesn't have the binder anymore. Does anyone know of anything like this? I would love to do this with my family.

I am curious as well...what traditions or things do you do to remember Christ during the Holiday Season?

Love, Tamber


Jenn said...

I hope you don't mind. I love your tradition! My family does something very simliar. We have a gift count down. We open a gift each night that has a small treat for the kids and a scripture reference. We read the scripture about a gift that Christ has given us and talk about how grateful we are to have it in our lives. The last gift we open(Christmas Eve) is the Atonement. Every year I have done this we end up talkibng about our gratitude for all we have. Then we pull out our Gift's for Christ stocking and write down a gift we will work on giving to Christ during the up coming year. We pull out our gift from the year before, see how we did, and then put the new one in the stocking.

Please forgive me for posting this on you blog but I don't know how to do the linking thing.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Excellent tradition! I have done that before too. I probably should try to start that one up again!

Cort and Amy said...

I totally know what binder thing you're talking about, but not sure how to get one either. I think one of my seminary teachers had one and we read one each morning. I'll go around the internet and see if I can find something.

AMY said...

Good traditions. I forgot I have a binder with stories somewhere. I'll go digging through the archives and let you know if I find it.