Girls Lunch!

We had a long time overdue ladies lunch today. Slowly but surley my neighborhood friends are moving away. It is sad. This is the first place since I was in High School that I really felt like I fit in with a group of ladies. We have had some defining moments as a group and each as individuals. We have been there to cry, mourn and laugh together. I dont think that I would have made it through the past couple of years had it not been for these ladies. I feel like I am a stronger person because of them. As we all slowly move on in our lives and progress further away from that young married 'husband in school' life, I will always remember these amazing Women. Thank you ladies for taking the time to be wonderful friends. I think that we should all keep in touch and in 5 or 10 years when we all have money, we should have an annual ladies weekend. We should meet somewhere different each year to reminise about old times. How does that sound?
Love, Tamber


lapierrefamily said...

Annual trip sounds FUN!! I loved having lunch out today it was so much fun! Thanks for the book, Reese loves it LOL! I came home and she started "petting" the book.

AMY said...

Just got updated on all your recent postings. Loved Emma's permanent Rudolf nose! Merry Christmas!