Snow Snow Snow

Marcus knocking on Jaden and Mea's door to see if they could come play in the snow.

Emma making her very first snow angel.

Emma running in the snow.

Marcus kept tripping over his big boots and falling face first into the snow. He was so mad.

Emma and I were both quite disappointing when on Saturday and Sunday it was suppose to snow, and it didn't really. So it was a good surprise this morning when we didnt expect the snow and looked outside and it had snow quite a bit. Emma wanted to go play in the snow, so we did. She had a blast making snow angels, snow balls and using colored water to write her name and play tic-tac-toe.

Love, Tamber

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Brooke said...

How fun! We actually got snow last night and school is closed for today! I know how funny! But we don't have snow plows and stuff here, so they were worried about the roads. We were afraid it would all be melted by morning, so we let our kids go play in it last night at 10. It hasn't snowed and there is plenty to play in today!