So lately I have been lifting weights with one of our other coaches while the team lifts. I use to be pretty strong, but since I have had kids, that has all left me. It is like my muscles have no memory of what I use to lift. Not to mention, I dont want to get bulky again, I just want to tone my muscles. Well, today we were doing bench press, and Jamie (one of our seniors last year) is interning in the weight room. She wanted to see how much I could lift, so I did 8 reps with 65lbs, 6 reps with 95 lbs and then and then 4 with 110, then she said, you could do way more. I reminded her that my max when I was in the best shape of my life was 135 lbs. So she had me try it.

Bam! did it!

I totally shocked myself. I totally didnt think I could have done it. Then she said...lets do a little more. So, by the end of the personal training session (which I didnt ask for), she had me maxed out at 155!! Crazy, I know. I was either totally underacheiving when I was an athlete (which I can tell you didnt happen....I was a hard worker) or my body went through some wierd phenomenom. We all know I am not in the best shape, so why am I able to lift this much weight. Anyway, my mind is kinda boggled by the whole thing.
Love, Tamber


Becky said...

Does not surprise me at all. You are one strong mama!

Amy said...

You've been carrying around kids for like three years now, that's my new form of exercise. I'm jealous you're lifting again, I miss it. Way to be all motivated.