Drive to California

After we went to St. George, we had to finish the drive to Ontario, CA. And what a drive it was. We didnt leave St. George until 3 pm. Stopped in Vegas for dinner at the food court at the Luxor. Emma loved seeing the lights on the huge building. Then, we stopped right outside of Vegas and in Primm looking for baby Tylanol, finally finding it it Primm. Then we had to make a long stop in Baker due to Marcus throwing up twice and Eric feeling sick.

The Swim Team should arrive later this evening, and hopefully we will have a good Christmas Training.

Love, Tamber


Homer and Queen said...

Great! You are less than a mile from my house and you didn't come and see us!!!???

Tash said...

I hope that everyone is feeling better. It is so hard having sick kids, especially in the car! Hope your having fun in California. Wish I could be there to eat at In 'n Out with you.